STEM Takes Flight

STEM takes Flight | Hands-on Research Experience Opportunities Available for Summer 2018 @ NASA Wallops Flight Facility

Program Goals

  • To foster enhanced community college retention in STEM academic tracks through graduation or transfer to a four-year institution.
  • To strengthen VSGC’s relationships with and build NASA linkages with/for Virginia’s community colleges.

These paid opportunities will be identified by both NASA Centers with current Center missions and projects that are at a point which would maximize hands-on engagement of the students at project critical stages, while inspiring students, teaching them the nature of project work, communications and teamwork, and providing strong exposure to a wide range of technical and scientific career paths. Student researchers will work with NASA research advisers on the designated research project over the course of a 10 week, 40-hour- per-week, summer research experience. Students will receive a $5,000 stipend. Application packages are due February 26, 2018.

Supporting objectives are to nurture diversity; to pipeline STEM students to their next academic and workplace steps; and to foster STEM career awareness and workplace skills.

Application and all the details from the Virginia Space Grant Consortium

A professional development opportunity for Community College STEM Faculty is available at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility
May 21 – May 23. Details for the May 2018 STEM Faculty workshop