The SVTC Membership Directory: Connecting Companies

The Shenandoah Valley Technology Council is very pleased to announce a recent success as a result of the SVTC membership directory, a searchable online directory where we list our members. When Kristy Rhea from Bridgewater College was in need of a local web development company, she decided to browse the SVTC membership directory for a possible candidate. Through her browsing she was able to find Chiedo Labs, a team of innovators, web developers, and web designers. Here is her story:

“When I had the need for web development in a pinch, I looked to the SVTC membership page to try to find companies who listed skill sets I was looking for and I found Chiedo Labs.  I wanted to stay local and find a partnership I could rely on.  Once I had the conversation with Chiedo Labs on our needs and what they had to offer, it matched what we were looking for.”

Chiedo, CEO of Chiedo Labs, was equally delighted to be found:

“With this partnership alone, our membership has paid for itself for the next 50 years. And that doesn’t even take in to account all the other benefits for being a member. Joining SVTC is a no brainer for anyone who loves and supports our local tech scene.”

The SVTC is always connecting individuals and strengthening the local technology community through networking events and other modes of connection, such as our directory. We’re so happy when we hear stories like this, and we’d like to congratulate Chiedo Labs and Bridgewater College on their partnership!