Build Season is Open: FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) / Rocktown Robotics

Rocktown Robotics is a community-based FIRST Robotics Competition team, in partnership with JMU X-Labs and open to all students in the area in grades 9-12.

With a set of regulations, budgetary constraints, and limited resources, groups of high school students work together in teams to design, construct, and program industrial-sized robots to play a challenging game against competitors on a field about the size of a basketball court.  It is a real-world engineering challenge in which the students learn teamwork, leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.  Roles incorporate every aspect of a real engineering project, including project and budget management, marketing, communication, and business planning, in addition to learning sophisticated software, programming, electrical, and technical skills.

The 2019 competition season has just begun and runs through April.  The team is currently recruiting new members AND mentors, so please email for more info.  

You can learn more about FIRST Robotics Competition here: