Rural Broadband [RuralRISE]


Now more than ever, the voices, thoughts, and input of rural communities are critical to reshaping and reopening the American economy. One of the most critical pieces is connectivity, internet, and broadband access.

To help inform public policymakers about the true nature of the challenges and opportunities that rural communities face, we are developing the following:

1. White Paper
2. Rural Broadband Resource Guide

Once we have compiled the information, we will share a draft for public comment to review the findings and provide additional input.

The goal is to capture a true picture of rural broadband programs and resources. To accomplish this, we need your input – please complete the “survey” below and distribute it to your networks and communities.

There are no correct or incorrect answers; there is no program or resource too small. If you are working in or around broadband in rural – we want to hear from you!

As always, one of our goals is to provide rural America with information that will eliminate much of the learning points, costs, etc., associated with the research and development phase. This guide will be available to everyone.

Please help us, help you share and highlight your amazing work.

Below are examples of what we would like to obtain:
● Affordable and achievable rural broadband projects and programming. No matter the size from local – regional, state, etc.)
● Scalable and repeatable programs.
● Organizations working on rural broadband – providing resources or projects around broadband.
● Data, facts, mapping, and feasibility models or projects.
● Funding resources.
● Partnerships: public, private, private/public, cooperatives, anchor institutes, etc.
● Infrastructure solutions.
● Public Policy advocacy examples.
● Programs that amplify the broadband needs for underserved rural populations.
● Philanthropic engagement that supports broadband efforts.
● Training programs and more.

Part 1 of the survey is basic/general information.
Part 2 of the survey is information about your program/project/resource/organization, etc.
Part 3 of the survey is “learnings” points you would like to share.

We are sincerely excited to present an authentic voice for rural America. On behalf of the RuralRISE team – Thank you for your time and input.

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