Annual Board of Directors Election

The SVTC’s Board of Directors is divided into two groups, called classes, for governance purposes. Each year, the term of one of the classes expires. To prepare, the council (the members) holds elections in the spring of each year so that a new class of directors is elected and can be appointed by the board of directors before the end of the term on June 30th.

Our election in May 2017 concerned class I of directors. The SVTC managed the nomination and election process via its Governance and Organization Committee, and all members, who were members in good standing on May 15, 2017, were invited to vote.

A summary of the process:

  • The SVTC Organization & Governance Committee received suggestions for a new class I of directors in April 2017; this list of candidates was then evaluated, and later approved, by the Executive Committee and then the Board of Directors.
  • Eligible SVTC members were invited to vote using a special link they were sent by email. Each member, whether individual or corporate, received one vote per membership.
  • The list of candidates and their biographies was posted below.
  • On May 25, 2017 we held the Annual Meeting (combined with a luncheon, open to all) and any SVTC member who did not vote electronically had the opportunity to vote in person.
  • Update: A board meeting was held June 22, 2017 and the board appointed three new individuals: Phil Douglas, Ed Pease, and Holly Thorne. For a full listing of board members and their classes, open the pdf.

Listing of the full board of directors, and executive committee, 2017-18 (by class) (pdf)

Do you know someone who might be interested in actively contributing to the vibrant Valley tech community in a  meaningful and high-level way? Tell us more so we can connect with that person and consider him/her in spring of 2018 as a candidate.

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