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A Complete History of SVTC Luncheons and Events, 9/2007- 4/2022 (PDF)

From time to time our speakers will provide a copy of their presentation so those who missed the event may view the content. Please remember these presentations are for information only, and we ask that you do not copy or use them without permission. Thank you.

Luncheons that had presentation files:

  • May 26, 2022 [Luncheon and Annual Meeting]
    Managing the Innovation Process in a Company 

    Everywhere, including in the Shenandoah Valley, we’ve been using the term “innovation” a lot. We use it because we know we want our companies to be innovative. We understand that innovation translates into competitiveness and that it drives our local and regional economies. We want to promote innovation among our companies. Yet, some companies are more capable of innovation than others. Some companies are able to innovate continuously, others sporadically, and others rarely. Why? What does it take to innovate frequently?

    This talk attempts to offer some insights to answer these questions. I will share with you some ideas about how to increase the capabilities of your company to innovate and manage the innovation process successfully.
    JP Berrizbeitia Presentation (PDF)

  • May 7, 2022 [TechNite 22]
    Winning the Talent and Innovation War: Women in Tech

    Never has the environment been so challenging. Finding new ideas and new markets is always tough. Layer on top of that a competitive and constrained talent pool. What can you do? How can you win?

    About Keynote Speaker:

    Elaine Cheng is Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Shentel. She joined the Company in March 2019 and has 20+ years of experience in diverse business environments across all areas of Information Technology.  Prior to joining Shentel, Mrs. Cheng served as Chief Information Officer and Managing Director of Global Strategic Design for the CFA Institute in Charlottesville, Va. Prior to her time at CFA Institute, Mrs. Cheng held a number of different roles over 16 years with M&T Bank in Buffalo, NY, including Group Vice President, Technology Business Services, Vice President of Retail Operations, and Assistant Vice President, Web Product Owner.  She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Vassar College and her Masters of Business Administration from the University of Rochester. Mrs. Cheng is a founding board member of Charlottesville Women in Tech, a non-profit organization that encourages women to join and thrive in technology careers.
    Elaine Cheng Presentation (pdf)

  • April 21, 2022
    Rising Above the Security Noise Floor

    The typical mid-market business enterprise faces a constant struggle to do more with less; more productivity with less IT staff and more security with fewer (or no) dedicated security engineers. And with the “new normal” as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic IT organizations must master the ability to stay productive and remain secure while the boundaries of the corporate network expand beyond the traditional “four walls.”Multiple security platforms are often presented as solutions to the workforce challenge. Next-generation firewalls, end-point protection applications, and intrusion detection/intrusion prevention solutions are all presented as fixes for the do-more-with-less conundrum.  Yet these platforms, as part of their basic functionality, create a lot of “noise.” Specifically, logs are generated –and often collected and archived– only to be reviewed as part of compliance mandates or, in a worst-case scenario, during or after a security incident.

    Using the analogy of radio frequency interference and a “noise floor” this presentation discussed a solution intended to get above the security noise floor with actionable intelligence.

  • March 24, 2022
    How does Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation Help Entrepreneurs and Startups?

    VIPC is Virginia’s state-funded grant-making and investment organization that supports emerging entrepreneurs and scalable technology-based startups. Sean Mallon, VP of Commercialization, will talk about VIPC’s funding and entrepreneurial support programs. (There are many, e.g. Virginia Venture Partners (formerly CIT GAP Funds);  Virginia Founders Fund; Commonwealth Commercialization Fund (CCF); VIPC’s Federal Funding Assistance Program called Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR); and the Regional Innovation Fund (RIF). VIPC Market Development focuses on Smart Communities, Unmanned Systems, and Cybersecurity.
    Sean Mallon Presentation (pdf) | Watch Full Presentation March 24, 2022 (YouTube)
  • February 24, 2022
    What it’s Like to Build a Global Remote-First Tech Startup? (Q & A Session)

    Rachael Harnish, Chief of Staff, Shogun, has experience in the operational side of venture-backed tech startups, having formerly been responsible for HR, Legal, Accounting, Business Operations, and more as a Director of Operations at both hybrid remote/in-person and fully remote companies. On February 24, she will answer questions (pre-submitted) about life in a 100% distributed tech startup.
    Watch Full Presentation February 24, 2022 (YouTube)

  • January 20, 2022
    Continually Assessing and Managing A Security Posture

    Dan Bowden, CISO, Sentara Healthcare, has worked in cybersecurity for the past 30 years, incl in the military, retail, banking, higher education, and for the past 15 years in healthcare. Dan is looking forward to talking with the SVTC about the latest threats and vulnerabilities, and how organizations should continually assess and manage their security posture.
    Watch Full Presentation January 20, 2022 (YouTube)
  • December 16, 2021
    Exploring Bitcoin Mining and the Fundamentals of Digital Gold

    Join Scott Hancock, co-founder, and chairman of the board of Specter Mining, a leading distributor of blockchain and cryptocurrency mining computers headquartered in Harrisonburg, Virginia, as he discusses the ins and outs of bitcoin mining.
    Watch Full Presentation December 16, 2021 (YouTube)
  • April 21, 2021
    The State of State and Local Broadband

    Kyle Rosner (Deputy Broadband Advisor, Office of Governor Ralph Northam)
    Local panelists: Tom Lundquist (Staunton City Schools), James Funkhouser (Shentel), Pam Carter (Augusta County), and Josh Fitzpatrick (Lord Fairfax Community College)
    Kyle Rosner’s Presentation (pdf) | Watch full presentation April 21, 2021 (YouTube)

To explore local collaboration opportunities, discuss the state of the Shen. Valley broadband, and network and connect with others, please join the SVTechCouncil Slack channel. Read the SVTC Broadband Luncheon blog post

  • July 16, 2020
    How Are Unmanned Systems (UxS) Actually Utilized Today… and How Will They Be Used Tomorrow?
    Tracy Tynan and Jay Willmott, Virginia Unmanned Systems Center at CIT | Watch Full Presentation July 16, 2020 (YouTube)
  • January 27, 2019
    What to Do a Year After the FCC’s Repeal of Net Neutrality Regulations?
    Harry Reif, Associate Professor, Professor Emeritus of Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics at James Madison University | Harry Reif’s Presentation Jan 27. 2019
  • March 1, 2018
    Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins: The Deeper Dive
    Morgan Benton, Associate Professor, Department of Integrated Science and Technology at James Madison University | Hyperledger Composer playground
  • November 10, 2016
    Disaster Recovery and Contingency Management Planning
    Dale Hulvey, CIO, AVP Information Technology James Madison University | Dale Hulvey’s presentation (pdf)
  • April 24, 2014
    Departing Employees:  How Employers Can Protect Their Trade Secrets from Walking Out the Door
    Steven Brown, LeClairRyan | Mr. Brown’s presentation
  • March 20, 2014
    Managing Mobile Devices Across and Enterprise
    Michael Rozmus, Sentara RMH Medial Center presented on | Mr. Rozmus’ presentation
  • February 21, 2014
    Business Analytics
    Dr. Mike Mitri, Computer Information Systems & Business Analytics Department of JMU’s College of Business | Dr. Mitri’s presentation
  • January 23, 2014
    Clean Tech Innovations, Nationally and Close to Home
    Michael Bowman, Managing Editor Way Better Patents | Mr. Bowman’s presentation
  • November 13, 2013
    Network Resiliency: Fault Tolerance for Your Critical Applications
    Craig Drinkhall, VP of Product Management and Engineering for Lumos | Mr. Drinkhall’s presentation.
  • October 24, 2013
    SRI Shenandoah Valley
    Dr. Walter Moos, Vice President of BioSciences for SRI International, spoke about | Dr. Moos’ Presentation (pdf)
  • September 19, 2012
    Small Wind Training and Testing Facility
    Dr. Jonathan Miles, Director of the Virginia Center for Wind Energy (VCWE) and ISAT professor, and VCWE colleagues | VCWE presentation (pdf)
  • March 24, 2011
    Technology-based Economic Development Initiatives & Policies, and How Your Company Can Benefit
    SVTC luncheon: Speaker, Mark Herzog, Director, Virginia Biotechnology Association | Mark Herzog’s presentation
  • June 23, 2010
    The Seven Secrets of Social Media for Small Businesses
    Rob Hustick, VP of Social Media and Digital Strategy for SusQtech | Rob Hustick’s presentation

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