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  • Student Membership
  • $25
  • For an individual enrolled in high school or college.
  • We love to have students join our organization. We learn from you just as much as you learn from us! Let’s grow together!
  • Individual Membership
  • $100
  • For any one person (w/out organizational ties)
  • If you are an individual looking to network with our local technology users and makers we would love to have you as a member. You can benefit from having your name listed in our SVTC membership directory.
  • Level I
    Business/Organization Membership
  • $200
  • For any business or organization.
  • We welcome your business or organization to join SVTC. Your company name, description, address, phone, and website will be listed in our membership directory.
  • Level II
    Business/Organization Membership
  • $500
  • For any business or organization.
  • Level I package offering plus: Inclusion of member-supplied marketing materials at 2 SVTC events, 5 mins. floor time at same event(s), mention of event sponsorship in SVTC newsletter & SVTC online calendar.

  • Level III
    Business/Organization Membership
  • $1,200
  • For any business or organization.
  • Level II package offering plus: Logo on SVTC website front page slider; logo in SVTC newsletter; logo on SVTC event banners at council events. Level 3 member’s logo will be included in other opportunities as they present themselves.
    *Excludes TechNite Gala

Tech users and creators at Tech Nite

For Technology Users And Creators

SVTC is a community of shared interests and values without regard to geographical location. Regardless if you’re a new entrepreneur or an established organization seeking business resources, becoming a visible member of the council provides a number of resources and advantages. All companies, organizations (incl. public entities), as well as individuals (incl. students) are welcome to join! Choose the level of benefits and visibility that suits you.


  • Be recognized as a technology leader in the business community
  • Promote your business/organization with a profile in the online membership directory
  • Connect and network with other business leaders and the community to
  • Find solutions to business problems; identify tech resources
  • Develop new business through events and our network
  • Further your education and business knowledge through SVTC-sponsored programs and events, such as luncheons and special events
  • Network with legislators and government officials during SVTC’s annual legislative event
  • Receive up-to-date information about the Virginia technology community, state programs, and funding sources
  • Opportunities for sponsorship and publicity — create greater exposure for your business
  • Weekly SVTC newsletter for everyone in your organization; educational luncheons; member profile on the SVTC website
  • Committee participation – get to know other members and their companies and highlight your own
  • Opportunity to mentor “younger” business owners or to be mentored by seasoned professionals to help your business get to the next level
  • Network and collaborate with other tech councils throughout Virginia; ask us to introduce you to key leaders
  • SVTC Membership Benefits in Detail (pdf)

Latest News

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January 2018 Luncheon | Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins. What is that and should I care?

Registration is open for our Jan. 25, 2018 luncheon. Bitcoin turned eight years old this month, but many people are only just now learning about the cryptocurrency. At our Jan. 25, 2018 luncheon Dr. Benton helps us break down bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain and how we think about the global economy, currencies, and the underlying technologies. Key issues he will discuss are trust, control, consensus, and value.
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Launch of ‘Virginia is for Entrepreneurs’ Initiative | Va4e.org

Virginia is for Entrepreneurs (VA4E) is an initiative to better match entrepreneurs with potential investors across regions, backgrounds and industries.