How to vote for the People's Choice AwardVoting for the Serco People’s Choice Award

Voting will start at the end of summer 2023 once the nominees have been announced and continue through the event itself. The winner is announced live at the end of Tech Nite after the votes have been tallied.

Please will use the hashtag #SVTCPC23 to make a (public) post that also includes the name of your favorite nominee(s)  – and we will collect each post and display it. Humans (not bots) can vote however often they want, as long as it’s done manually.

Once the social wall (= where the votes are displayed) is created we will link to it from this here and everyone can follow along from the day we announce the nominees through the evening of the event to see who is ahead. The winner will be announced at the end of Tech Nite. 

This is another chance for the nominees to win an award – in the People’s Choice Award category (PCA). ALL  nominees are candidates, and anyone (only humans; no automation) can vote for a favorite.

Who can vote?

Can a colleague vote? Yes. Friend? Yes. Grandma? Yes. The fan club – yes. Everyone can vote however often they want.  (We are displaying the votes as they come in. Scroll down to see what our social wall looks like RIGHT NOW.) However, it has to be a human who votes manually, no bots.

Where to vote:

Use the special hashtag #SVTCPC23 and your favorite nominee’s name plus some PG-13 language.
  1. craft a public message on Twitter or Instagram (using your acct, set to ‘public’),
  2. place a post on our SVTC Facebook page [ (–> “create a post”)
  3. create a direct post on the bottom of the “social wall” and it appears immediately. (This link will be posted once the social wall has been created.)

Pictures and graphics CAN be included in the post.

Sample Voting Verbiage (incl. but not limited to):

  1.  For someone else: 
    • I vote for [nominee name or handle] for the Serco #SVTCPC23
    • [nominee name or handle] is the best and should totally win the Serco #SVTCPC24
    • Congratulations, [@nominee name or handle] you should win #SVTCPC23 on Oct. 18
  2. Self-vote:
    • We are nominated for the Serco #SVTCPC23 on Oct 18 and think we should win 🙂
    • Our [job title] is nominated for the Serco Tech Nite award and we believe she is the best and should win the #SVTCPC23

Questions? Email


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