How to Vote for the Serco People’s Choice Award

Who’s your favorite for the Serco People’s Choice Award? Pick one of your favorite nominees and then vote for them using the special announced hashtag on Twitter or a special FB Messenger bot named “Walter” (details below). After all nominees have already been evaluated – and the winners have been determined – YOU will be able vote for your favorite to receive the People’s Choice Award, the 8th category. ALL nominees are candidates, and anyone (only humans; no bots) can vote for a favorite.

Where to vote:
Public social media posts that use the special hashtag AND the name of the nominee (or company/organization name) will be counted. You can use either of the two following options:

  • Twitter (set to public)
  • A private Facebook Messenger note to “Walter” (more information below)

We’ll accumulate the votes all through April, and on the night of the event, we will display a social wall with all the votes on a big screen. The winner will be announced at the end of the event.

Voting with the Walter Messenger bot:
Send a direct vote via FB Messenger/ aka the bot “Walter.” Anyone who doesn’t have a PUBLIC Twitter or Facebook account, or doesn’t want to change their account to public, can use “Walter”, the Facebook Messenger bot. It’s easy. Open your Facebook Messenger, and compose a new message to: Talk to Walter (in the TO line). Once that populates, type out your enthusiasm for your nominee and remember the hashtag (e.g. I want [nominee name] to win. She is the best. #SVTCPC19). If you see the suggestion “post to wall,” click it.

FYI, “Walter” accepts pictures as well — send the picture first, then follow it up with a message and the hashtag. “Walter” is now active and ready for your votes!

Sample Voting Verbiage (incl. but not limited to):

  1.  For someone else: 
    • I vote for [nominee name or handle] for the Serco #SVTCPC19
    • [nominee name or handle] is the best and should totally win the Serco #SVTCPC19
    • Congratulations, [@nominee name or handle] you should win #SVTCPC19 on April 29
  2. Self-vote:
    • We are nominated for the Serco #SVTCPC19 on April 29 and think we should win 🙂
    • Our [job title] is nominated for the Serco Tech Nite award and we believe she is the best and should win the #SVTCPC19

Questions? Email or call 540.568.7882

Below you will find event photos and PCA hashtag votes from TechNite19.
Thank you to all who attended and made this a great night!

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